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鈥榃ait and see if there is an answer,鈥 said Keeling.

Now there was another subject on which Keeping had made up his mind to speak to Lord Inverbroom, and this intelligence encouraged him to do so. By purchasing the freehold of the County Club, he had acquired the right of membership, but with that streak of pride which was characteristic of him, he did not want to get elected to the Club as a right. He had, since he had made the purchase, thought this over, and wished to stand for election, could he secure a proposer and seconder, like any other candidate. That being so, he did not intend to tell Lord Inverbroom that he would, ex officio, become a member of the Club at the next quarter-day, when he entered into possession of his property, but had determined{170} to ask him if he, as president, would propose him in the ordinary course. The next election, he had already ascertained, took place early in April, when his blushing honours as benefactor to the hospital and baronet would be fresh upon him. There could be no more suitable opportunity for his request than the present..
Alice drew a long breath that wheezed in her poor throat and covered her eyes with her hands, for she was dazzled with the vision that was surely turning real. To her, to his Helper, he had said that he was no use as a mere man. Surely the purport of that was clear..
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鈥楾his is the proper door to use, when you come to see me,鈥 he said.?
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鈥業 wish I was a book-worm like her,鈥 he said. 鈥楤ut in London you get so much more opportunity for study of all sorts. She had a British Museum ticket, and studied at the Polytechnic.鈥!
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It would have been easy, so the simple and obviously-minded person would think, for her to have turned on the electric light, and have saved her eyes. But there were subtler and more compelling reasons which stood in the way of doing that. The first was that the light would almost certainly awaken her mother, who, by beginning to talk again, as she always did when a nap had refreshed her, would put an end to Alice鈥檚 private reflections which flourished best in dusk and in silence. A second reason was that it was more than likely that Mr Silverdale would presently drop in for tea, and it was decidedly more interesting to be found sitting at work, with her profile outlined against the smouldering glow of sunset, than to be sitting under the less becoming glare of{99} an electric lamp. For the same reason she did not put on the spectacles which she would otherwise have worn..
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鈥楽he is very much obliged to you, sir,鈥 he said. 鈥楽he will be very much pleased to come.鈥.

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鈥業 should be very sorry to have been the cause of that,鈥 he said, 鈥榓nd I don鈥檛 think it would be logical of you. You urged me to withdraw, which was the most you could do after you had promised to propose me.鈥
鈥業 forget. I don鈥檛 think I saw.鈥
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